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Our company deals with the automation of wholesale sales processes in integration with customer ERP. We have developed our own software platform within which several integrated applications operate; our strategy is to encompass all the needs of wholesalers through all sales channels - from receipt to delivery. We are very interested in the development of artificial business intelligence, so we are developing this segment in parallel with our wholesale applications.

The company was founded in 2018 by professionals who have significant experience in software design and development, entrepreneurship and project management.

As a confirmation of our business strategy, in this relatively short time behind us, we can be proud of the following achievements:

We believe that we have just started our business mission and we sincerely hope that you will be a part of our success in the coming years.

B2BEE or Not to BE! :)

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We proudly inform you that B2Bee, with its B2B Manager project, is one of the finalists of the Innovation Fund. More information coming soon...

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