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Our wholesales application, B2B Seller, is a solution for commercialists and merchandisers and allows them to have a wide range of planning and tracking, from GPS position and mapping of objects to documentation reviews and photography of goods to insights into finances, supplies and orders. We are constantly improving and customizing the app so that it contains supervisor tracking and real-time reports, a summary of the day, fast tools for ordering goods and everything that is necessary for fast and easy overview of field work. We want to make the wholesale process simple and accessible. Read more about the app here.

Synchronization with ERP in real time

Are you thinking how to overcome some of the biggest challenges of doing wholesale business? How to be competitive in a market that doesn't allow errors and how to save time and money in the supply process?

One of the most modern solutions that we can offer you immediately is the automation and integration of administration using artificial intelligence, in order to avoid errors in the administrative business. We believe that this process can't be possible without a secure and reliable synchronized connection with the ERP in real time.

What the ERP is, read here.

The solution offered by Pantheon

Specialized software for automation of warehouse business is the most cost-effective and effective solution. Because of that, we have partnered with Datalab's business system for detailed analysis of sales and procurement, PANTHEON, thus gaining control and insight into the key parameters of your business and storage. It is important to emphasize that the PANTHEON system has been tested and verified, with more than 70,000 users. We can adapt this unique and innovative approach to your business, with the aim of making it easier for you to plan resources in order to easily and safely respond to the needs of the market.

With intuitive design, pleasant to use, with stable connection and reliable integration, your commercialists will have a great tool to work with, and you will know everything about your sales channels - from reception to delivery of goods. The review of the catalogue or the availability of goods occurs in real time. Learn about this solution on our partner's website, Datalab.

Process automation is guaranteed. All orders are visible and monitored in the ERP, such as the status of documents and shipments, connecting and onboarding to the platform is fast, within a few weeks.

The B2Bee wholesales application synchronizes this processes in real time so the commercialist in charge of a particular warehouse has everything in one place. In this way, he/she can monitor the process without additionally loading the page regardless of where it is located and which device it uses (computer, tablet, smart phone).

When you have software to automate wholesales, you can manage all processes more easily and maximize your results.

For all questions you can write to us on [email protected] or, even more simply, fill out a questionnaire on our website. We're at your disposal.

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